Further services


We have our storage facilities in the CIS and Europe. We use them to store, consolidate, and check freights before loading and unloading them.

Additional packaging & crating. If a freight includes some fragile goods, we can additionally pack-age it for further safety.


Our main insurance partner is Pari ( company is one of Russia’s top freight insurance companies with an impeccable reputation. If you so desire, we could ensure your freight through any other insurance company, including in the London Insurance Market.
We can take over all the insurance paperwork, pay your insurance fees and obtain your freight insur-ance police.
In case of an insurance event (losses) we ourselves fix everything with an insurer and expedite pay-ments. We will protect your interests.


In Russia you may have to get for your freight some certificates. Examples are a Certificate of Confor-mity and Sanitary-Epidemiological Certificate (hygiene). We can get them for you.
We can contact a respective competent authority, and use our connections to expedite matters drasti-cally. We can do all the paperwork and payments. We guarantee the validity of all the papers we pro-vide. The certificates will be valid not only for transportation but also for sales of the goods.
Normal – 7 days
Urgent – 3 days
Our record – 1 day.

Checking & paperwork

You can save much time and effort by entrusting us with:
– Preliminary checking of the freight before dispatching
– Checking of the papers needed for the crossing of a border
Not all owners can do freight paperwork correctly. With our huge experience, we could do all the pa-perwork for you. We can adequately complete the Export License form EX 1 and see to it that the VAT is returned to you.

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