By road, air, rail, sea, and river.

Among our partners are more than 200 transportation companies. This lends us much flexibility, so that we can offer our clients the optimal route combined with the best time-to-cost variation.

Freight forms

Containers of all types and sizes.
Trucks from 10 to 120 m3, including tent trucks, refrigerators, isotherms, flat-racks, container carriers.

Special conditions for food stuffs and excisable goods. We also work with small freights.


Russia, CIS, Europe. South-East Asia, Africa, Australia, North and South America.

Time parameters

Placement for loading:
Normal – application made 3-5 days before the date of loading. In this case our guarantee of placement is 100%.
Urgent – within 24 hours.
Extreme – within 3 hours.
Out record – vehicles placed within 1 hour!

At the right time – shipment at the right place and time is a hallmark of our professionalism.


At loading we control the number, weight, and names of goods. We check all the freight documents.
In transit and during border crossing we continually monitor the forwarding process. If you so de-sire, we can inform you every day of the whereabouts of your shipments and of crossings of borders.

Our responsibility

We bear material responsibility for the preservation of a shipment and its delivery within agreed terms. The indemnity value is stipulated in a contract. Our service may include armed guard protection or po-lice escort from the border of Russia to a customs office and/or from a customs office to a destination.

Our prices

The agreed price is final and all inclusive.
It covers all the contingencies, including those that might occur when crossing borders.
We pick up all the bills.
In return we require that our clients be absolutely honest with us when supplying freight information.

Force majeure

If everything is done properly by both parties, force majeure circumstances occur exceedingly rare. Anyway, we never leave our clients alone. We even help them with problems that occur with other for-warders.

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