Customs clearance

Export customs clearance

At departure site. It is recommended if the freight owner provides proper export documents. This is convenient when the freight is sealed, has one set of documents and nobody (except for customs) may check on it.

At one of our storehouses in Europe (see the list). This is convenient when freight is consolidated, and when the owner does not provide export documents. After loading the driver gets a complete set of papers required to cross a border.

Import customs clearance

We have good relations with all the customs terminals under the Central Customs Administration.

Optimization of customs duties

We can optimize your customs duties by properly choosing a customs terminal depending on the kind of goods and a situation.


We will consult you on such issues as:
– Requisite import and export documents
– Identification of Commodity Codes
– Resolution of disputes
– Latest amendment to customs legislation

Customs duties calculations

Free! – We will work out for you a preliminary quotation for customs clearance.
A more thorough analysis yields a precise estimation.


Forwarding, especially in Russia, is concerned with problems. We have accumulated abundant experi-ence of their solving.

Minor problems. We solve them on the spot, at our expense, so that you, as our client, may even be unaware of them.

Major problems. Should they occur we will immediately inform you thereof and come up with vari-ous way of solving them.

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